How to actually play and sing songs just by listening naturally...
never depend on teachers, tabs, or tutorials!!

An alternative and creative approach to Music made for Grown Ups reaching 30, 40, 50 and above who are tired of mugging up tabs, lifeless classes, and confusing youtube lessons

All applicants will have the chance to Unlock the One Year Mentorship worth Rs 95,899/- at a One Time Special Discount

Application Price has gone up due to increased demand, read all details before applying as we are only working with serious learners at the moment

Why should you Apply?

No more time-consuming exercises

I used to always say that I "Never have time"... too busy in work.

Until I decided to Apply for the 1:1 session and realized that the One Year Mentorship would help me overcome mindless practice for hours on end.

Just 15 mins of immersive music activities daily.

I couldn't believe how addictive the 15 mins a day roadmap is. Today, I actually rush back home everyday to listen to a new song and pick it up!"

Kunal, 44, Corporate Lawyer

No more complicated concepts

"All I wanted was to sing along with my instruments.

But every youtube tutorial or coaching center overwhelmed me with informative jargon and I quit feeling that I was useless.

It was only in this 1:1 Masterclass where I was shocked to discover my own natural musical intuition and I was so happy to proceed ahead.

I thought I had no talent. But here, I learnt how to have fun with my mistakes. The One Year Mentorship made learning music, a living and engaging experience that I was never able to find anywhere else."

Sutapa, 48, Psychoslogist

Just the right mix to start jamming ASAP

"After so many years I still felt like a beginner.

Learning a new song from a tutorial felt very mechanical and I was almost never satisfied with my performance. It didn't feel natural.

The Masterclass gave me a more creative and a practical approach to learn songs without a tutorial. I was ready to be a part of the One Year Mentorship immediately.

I didn't think it was possible earlier. But this is no rocket science.

This New Approach made figuring out chords and notes of a song much like a video game. I never need to depend on a tutorial again.

Sandeep, 38, Creative Head @ National Design

This Application price is for your Analysis Session after which only if you Qualify, your One Year Membership will be activated

Eligibility Criteria for Applications

Unfortunately, we can't help everyone achieve this skill unless you match the following pre-requisites

#1 You are trying to learn music for more than 20 years but you are tired of depending on boring mainstream lessons

#2 Your Family/Professional responsibilities are sorted so you can focus on learning this creative approach

#3 You agree to be polite and respect community guidelines when learning with us

4. You are willing to habitually use the app to achieve this skill within this year

If all of the above is true then Your Application will be easily Approved for the Special Discount to One Year Mentorship worth Rs 95,899/-

Play on the Spot | Guitar Masterclass
to achieve the ability to play Songs on the Spot from Day ONE itself

*In all cases where your application violates the eligibility we will have to decline the membership and discounts and refunds for the same will not be possible.

Results you will Achieve from the
One Year Mentorship as proven by Data

The One Year Mentorship will Transform You this Year
to play any song naturally on your Guitar

Dont waste your money if you are NOT Ready to
actually use the Art of Music and Perform on the Spot!!

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